Pay Parity for Adjunct Faculty

Join faculty from all over the state to change the working conditions for adjunct faculty with fair pay and job security.

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Professors in Poverty

Faculty across the country are unable to make ends meet. Despite ever-rising tuition, nearly a third of part-time faculty are living below or near poverty, and more rely on public assistance programs. We can do better.

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The Crisis in Higher Education

The crisis in higher education is boiling over. The past few decades have seen a dramatic shift away from investment in educators and affordable, accessible higher education for students. More and more, our colleges and universities are moving toward a big-business model where corporate boards and their administrators — many of whom have never set foot in a classroom — determine how to spend precious tuition revenue. It’s up to us as faculty to come together and do something about it.

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SEIU 509 --- Faculty Forward

Faculty Forward is an SEIU campaign that unites adjunct and contingent faculty at campuses across the country — both to address the crisis in higher education and the troubling trend toward a marginalized teaching faculty that endangers our profession.

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Next Steps...

Support the Pay Parity bill at a hearing before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Higher Education. Make sure our legislature understand the importance of equal pay for equal work for adjunct faculty.