Tell your representatives to support House Bill 2236

Whether or not you're an adjunct, if you are a Massachusetts resident who understands the importance of this legislation, you should tell your representatives.

Do you know who your state senator and state house representative are? Click here to look up their name and contact information.

What to say?

Don't worry about what to say. Often times your representatives secretary or aid will take a message for you. Just be comfortable and explain that you are calling to support House Bill 2236 and why. You could use this script or improvise your own:

Hi, my name is __________ and I am a constituent of _________. I'm calling in support of House Bill 2236 -- an act that would ensure minimum fair wages and employment stability for adjunct faculty. Right now, 35% of part-time college faculty in Massachusetts are living below or near the poverty line and most of these people never know if they'll have a job from one semester to the next. Please support House Bill 2236 so that this can begin to change.

Don't be afraid to tell your person story so your representatives understand why this matters on a personal level to so many Massachusetts residents!